Reopen Beach Road, Inc. is a registered Florida 501(c)(4) not-for-profit corporation, whose work is done by local volunteers. Our expenses for printing, signage, t-shirts and legal fees are paid for by donations from good people like you.

Mission Statement:

To protect the public's access to and enjoyment of our Florida beaches and scenic vistas by preserving and enhancing our water access points and beach-front roads.

Our Immediate Goal:

Return Beach Road to its intended purpose as a public thoroughfare.

Why is it important to reopen Beach Road?

  • Increases public beach access.
  • Creates beach access for our elderly and mobility-impaired citizens and visitors.
  • Improves safety for both pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Improves public safety by creating access for police, emergency, and fire-rescue vehicles.
  • Fixes the daily parking, congestion, and safety problems at the corner of Avenida Messina and Beach Road.
  • Saves the taxpayers millions of dollars in future maintenance costs.
  • Increases property values island-wide.
  • Increases revenue for all local businesses.

What Happened?

On May 11, 2016, the Sarasota County Board of Commissioners voted to give away the last remaining public right-of-way along the number 1 beach in the world – a section of Beach Road north of Columbus Boulevard.

We are here to stop and reverse this action which is in direct opposition to the general public welfare and is harmful to our local business community. Join us.


sunset point map

This Sarasota neighborhood, Mira Mar Beach, was created in the 1920s. Instead of creating an exclusive, private neighborhood, these developers were generous enough to offer wide roads (60ft wide) for public thoroughfare use. One of these roads is Beach Road, a beautiful waterfront strip that culminates at the Sunset Point Pier at 10 Beach Road. This spot has long been a destination for the locals and the Siesta Key Village visitors.


Our County Commissioners are required to follow the Comprehensive Plan, but instead of doing so, our commissioners chose to ignore our established rule and voted to vacate a section of the most treasured last remaining waterfront road on Siesta Key.

How do we fix this:

  1. Courts - We sued Sarasota County to get a judge’s order showing that the commissioners violated the comprehensive plan. This would erase all of the wrongdoing.
  2. Petitions - To change our County Charter to return Beach Road to the public and prevent this from happening again. Read more about the petitions here.
  3. Commissioners - Our County Commissioners can overturn their vote from May 11th. They have the right and the duty to call up a vote to clean up the mess they’ve created.

How you can help:

  1. We need to collect 15,000 completed and signed petitions from Sarasota County Registered Voters. You can complete a petition here. We also ask you to invite us to drop off a stack of petitions for you to pass out at your workplace or neighborhood. Contact Us here.
  2. You may write, email or call your county commissioners to let them know you want your road back! Here is their contact information.
  3. Follow us on Facebook.

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